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muy rico!
After years of surf trips to Mexico, Joey wanted to bring his love for fresh fish tacos from Baja to Hawaii in a family friendly atmosphere and opened the restaurant in Hau'ula, Oahu.
In 2014 Joey partnered with Elen and after some hard work they opened the food-truck, an additional location at Shark’s Cove in Pupukea, Oahu in May of 2015.
We are now a popular quick-service Baja-style restaurant that offers a full range of fresh Mexican food favorites as well as specialty tropical drinks and desserts.

Experience the Essence of Hawaii with Our Authentic Baja Cuisine

Discover the rich history, philosophy, and ethical sourcing behind our authentic Baja cuisine. Dive into the flavors that define Hawaii's North Shore.

Our Journey: From Baja Roots to Hawaii's Favorite Tacos

Sustainability and Ethics: Our Commitment to Local Sourcing

Meet the Passionate Owners Behind Your Favorite Hawaiian Taco Spot

What Diners Say: Rave Reviews from Across the Globe

Meet the History Behind Your Favorite Hawaiian Taco Spot

What Diners Say About Our Food: Rave Reviews from Across the Globe

from ocean to table
Our fish takes a daily swim from the ocean straight to our kitchen. That's how we can proudly claim to whip up the freshest fish tacos on all of Oahu.
People swing by our place when they're craving a meal that's just like the wholesome, fresh stuff they'd whip up in their own kitchen.
A delicious mix of local gems - think sashimi grade fish and juicy pineapples - while keeping it tempting for food lovers of all tastes!
environmental awareness
We use 100% biodegradable plant based utensils and containers. No plastic. Nothing harmful to the environment.
Our local growers enjoy the benefits provided by foods that are grown, raised and produced in Hawaii.
Their work contributes to our cuisine, to the development of rural communities and respect for the environment.
And, at the same time, promoting culture and a passion for local, healthy gastronomy.
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black-white-badge-sm-2c8d4972 Authentic Baja Cuisine in Hawaii's North Shore
black-white-badge-sm-21807a43 Authentic Baja Cuisine in Hawaii's North Shore
what our customers are saying
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Alan Dennis, Baron of Cowie    
Great Mexican with a Hawaiian twist. Four basic types (tacos, burrito) with a choice of meats (fish, shrimp, beef, pork, chicken) give a wide choice. Outdoor seating only, bur what did you expect. Surprisingly fast service.
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Jessica Winter    
So delicious! We had the fish tacos and they did not disappoint. Everything was so fresh and flavorful, and the rice and beans were really yummy too. The gal taking our order even knew ingredients to sauces so she could help with my dairy restrictions.
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I had a shrimp and a fish taco. The shrimp taco was my favorite. It was well seasoned and the sides were good too. If you are heading to sharks cove, I would try this place.
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Greg 6point7    
Best tacos hands down!!!! Pineapple salsa was amazing as well! My kids are picky eaters and they loved this place! Two boys ages 6 and 4 spilt a chicken quesadilla so Your money goes pretty far !!
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We got a shrimp taco, a fish taco, and a pineapple tiki. All of them tasted pretty good. It took a long time to prepare after ordering. The atmosphere was also pretty hectic/interesting since chickens are running around and will steal your food if you aren’t paying attention.
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Beki Safar    
Absolutely delicious. Everyone in our group was completely satisfied with their entrees. The flavors are incredible. The staff is very nice as well. The chickens and roosters wandering around we're adorable as well.
meet the
North Shore Tacos Joey
In 2010, Joseph Fullmer, a dynamic entrepreneur, pivoted from construction to culinary, establishing North Shore Tacos, LLC.
With his skill in fostering teams and inventing solutions, he brought top-notch Baja style food to Oahu's inhabitants and tourists.
The triumph of North Shore Tacos surpasses prior chain eateries, gaining recognition including the title of #1 Fish Tacos from Sunset Magazine, and a front-page feature in the Star Advertiser.
North Shore Tacos Elen
Elen Corazzari, with over 25 years of leadership in managing her family's businesses in Brazil, joined North Shore Tacos, LLC in 2014.
She transformed the restaurant's ambiance, introduced unique Brazilian fusion treats, and elevated the quality of service and food.
Elen's innovative expansion strategies led to the successful launch of a food truck at Sharks Cove in Haleiwa in 2015. She holds a degree in tourism and hospitality from the University of Brazil.