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hawaii pineapple tiki drink
The Pineapple Tiki
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Pineapple is one of Hawai’i’s main novelty items and is grown on the North Shore of Oahu at the Dole Plantation. It is also many people’s favorite tropical fruit because of its tangy flavor that goes well with many dishes and beverages. It seems it’s one of those foods that’s hard to imagine anyone not liking. You can mix it with vegetables, meat, alcohol, and controversially, pizza. You can even use the fruit itself as a bowl or drinking glass, such as the famous Pineapple Tiki. A hollowed out pineapple, whose contents are mixed with various alcohols and juices to make a mixed drink that’s not only delicious, but a lot of fun. There’s quite a bit of history and culture surrounding the pineapple here in Hawai’i.

The Hawaiian Pineapple Company was founded by James Dole in 1901. After experimenting with several different crops, he settled on the pineapple and for many decades his plantation gradually grew into the large food company we know today. In 1950, the Dole Planation was established as a small fruit stand and ultimately was built into a large plantation home that serves as a popular tourist attraction; where you can roam the pineapple fields and pick your own fresh pineapple. It is also home to the largest maze in the world, as recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records, a whopping 137,194 square feet comprised entirely of Hawaiian plants.

There are many versions of the Pineapple Tiki, and no, not all of them are alcoholic. In fact, there a quite a few good virgin recipes that are just as enjoyable as their alcoholic counterparts. Pineapple juice can actually be quite beneficial for your health. Pineapple juice is very high in vitamin C and beta-carotene. Vitamin C helps to boost the immune system to protect against bacterial and viral infections. Along with beta-carotene, it is also good for the skin and helps to repair sun damage and improve overall skin texture. So next time, someone suggest to stay away from the cocktails, you can remind them that you’re drinking it for your health literally.

Besides your health, drinking out of a pineapple is just fun and heartwarming. There’s something very relaxing about sitting outside, at a bar or a food truck, enjoying delicious food and beverages with friends and family. Some of our best memories are made around a table, making jokes and shooting the breeze to relieve stress from the week. Adding a novelty item like a Pineapple Tiki drink from the North Shore Tacos just adds to the atmosphere. It can also be romantic if sharing with a special someone, lady and the tramp style.

pineapple tiki drink

pineapple tiki drink

hawaii honolulu pineapple drinks

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