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Why Food Trucks Have The Best Foods
honolulu mexican restaurant
written by Rodrigo Diniz

on June 23, 2021

As Jon Favreau’s character, Carl Casper, says in the movie Chef, “there are chefs that cook food that they believe in and people will try it because they’re open to a new experience and they’ll end up liking it.” While the movie Chef is a charming story of a cook that starts a food truck business to reignite his passion for making great food, this quote best sums up why food trucks are the best.

If you’ve ever eaten out, then you’ve probably had food off a truck at least once in your lifetime. If not, then you are definitely missing out on great local cuisine and culture; because that is exactly what food trucks offer. Most food trucks are run by down to earth locals looking to share a few great recipes with the rest of the neighborhood and who doesn’t love some delicious homemade cooking.

That’s exactly what Joseph Fullmer, owner of North Shore Tacos, did with his love of Baja-style cuisine. Located in Hau’ula and Pupukea. Oahu residents are treated to some of the best fresh fish tacos on the island. Not only a healthy option when on the go, but great tasting too. That’s another reason why food trucks are the best. The food served is simpler and more wholesome than that at a restaurant where you’re unsure if the meal is fresh or not. Restaurants generally have tons of menu items that are not maintainable unless some of the food is pre-prepped and shipped to the store. In some cases, the food is shipped frozen and thawed out in a microwave! With food trucks, the menu is generally simple and works around the same key ingredients, such as fresh local caught fish, so that the menu is much easier to maintain and frozen or aging prepared meals aren’t needed.

In addition to more wholesome ingredients, food trucks generally are cheaper and provide much faster service than a restaurant does. How many times have you been starving and in a rush, only to check out that food truck on the corner you’ve seen but never visited? The food was probably great, cheap, and prepared fast. That’s because food trucks have the luxury to provide much better customer service than a restaurant ever could. Larger businesses can never compare to the service you get from a good ol’ mom and pop business.

While it’s nice to get dressed up and go out for a fancy dinner once in a while, food trucks are better for relaxing and being a part of the community. As they are typically run by only a few staff members and the owner, customers can build more of a relationship with the staff. The atmosphere is more welcoming and peer oriented, making for a very positive environment. Many food trucks have tables or host events for the community to get together spending time eating great food while enjoying each other’s company. Eat the Streets Hawaii in recent years has become a huge attraction for locals, typically held in Kakaako every last Friday of the month. If you haven’t, checked out Eat the Streets, it’s a must do for locals and visitors alike.

Overall local food trucks are just fun, casual, convenient, and did I mention; they have great food. Sure the truck may be a little rusted or just appear simple in nature, but sometimes the risk is well worth it. The food might be so good, it becomes a regular spot you visit with friends and family, if you already don’t have a favorite food truck that is. In addition to finding a new place to eat at, you’ll also being supporting local small business owners and local chefs. To quote Jon Favreau’s character one last time, “I get to touch people’s lives with what I do and I love it. And I want to share this with you.”

honolulu mexican restaurant

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