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Top 5 Things To Do in Hau'ula
top things to do in hauula oahu hawaii
written by Rodrigo Diniz

on November 16, 2022

Hau’ula is located at the north end of Oahu’s east coast. This town is about 1.9 miles long with over 90% of its space being unpopulated, offering a lush landscape comprised of beaches and mountains and showcasing a slow-paced community and artful culture.

Hauʻula also offers great hiking. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy the 2.5 mile Hauʻula Loop trail that wraps along the side of the mountain, providing great views of the coast and protecting reef. The trail head is also shared with the Ma'akau Gulch and the Ma'akau Ridge hikes.

The Hawaiian culture is still very much alive in this region, so if you wish to discover a little about the “real” Hawaii, Hau’ula might just be what you’re looking for. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a small list of the top activities, in or around Hau’ula according to feedback from our guests.

  • Hauula Loop Trail North Shore Tacos

       Hau'ula Loop Trail   

  • Kualoa Ranch North Shore Tacos

       Kualoa Ranch   

  • Kong Movie Set Kualoa Ranch North Shore Tacos

       Movie set of Kong, Kualoa Ranch   

  • Kapalaoa Beach North Shore Tacos

       Monk Seal at Kapalaoa Beach   

Kapalaoa Beach Icon KAPALAOA BEACH
Known as the home beach of the Hawaiian Monk Seal, this beautiful spot is only a 14-minute walk from the restaurant (0.7 miles).
  Address + Directions:

Secluded beach featuring soft sand, clear water and picnic tables, only 8 minutes from the restaurant (0.4 miles).
  Address + Directions:

Hauula Loop Trail HAU’ULA LOOP TRAIL
Great for hiking, trail running and featuring a beautiful waterfall, the Hau'ula Loop Trail is less than a mile away from the restaurant (a 16-minute walk).
  Address + Directions:

Kualoa Ranch North Shore Tacos KUALOA RANCH
Gorgeous nature reserve that has been featured in a multitude of movies and television shows. Although it is not located in Hau'ula (it's an 18-minute drive), it is a top choice to our guests.
  Address + Directions:

Picturesque point with sprawling views of the ocean as well as a unique sea arch on the offshore island. It is located only 2.7 miles away from the Hau'ula restaurant, a 6-minute drive.
  Address + Directions:

top things to do in hauula oahu hawaii

top things to do hauula oahu hawaii