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The National Tortilla Chip Day

immerse in the blend of hawaiian spirit and mexican gastronomy

National Tortilla Chip Day is celebrated annually on February 24th in the United States, and it's a day to enjoy the crunchy goodness of tortilla chips. While Hawaii is known for its unique and delicious cuisine, the state has a growing love for tortilla chips and their versatility in dishes and as a standalone snack.

In Hawaii, tortilla chips are widely available in supermarkets and local stores. They are often used as a base for a variety of local dishes, such as poke nachos or loco moco nachos, and as a topping for salads, soups, and other dishes. Restaurants across the state also serve tortilla chips as an appetizer or snack, often accompanied by salsa or guacamole. At North Shore Tacos, we offer Chips n' Salsa.

Many local chefs have also put their own twist on tortilla chips, creating unique and flavorful combinations. For example, some chefs incorporate local ingredients such as kalua pork or poke into their tortilla chip dishes, while others add a touch of sweetness with local honey or pineapple.

One of the most popular tortilla chip dishes in Hawaii is the poke nachos. These nachos are made with fresh ahi poke, avocado, and crispy tortilla chips, creating a mouthwatering combination of flavors and textures. Another local favorite is the loco moco nachos, which combines the classic Hawaiian dish of loco moco (rice, hamburger patty, and egg) with crispy tortilla chips and cheese.

In addition to being a delicious snack and ingredient, tortilla chips are also a popular party food in Hawaii. They are often served at luaus and other gatherings, paired with a variety of dips and salsas. Many locals also enjoy making their own homemade tortilla chips, seasoning them with their favorite spices and flavors.

National Tortilla Chip Day is a great opportunity for Hawaiians to celebrate this beloved snack and all of its delicious variations. Whether you prefer your tortilla chips with salsa, guacamole, or in a local dish, there are endless ways to enjoy this crunchy and satisfying snack. So grab a bag of your favorite tortilla chips and celebrate National Tortilla Chip Day in Hawaii style!

Hawaii National Tortilla Chip Day

The Hawaii National Tortilla Chip Day

Feb 24, 2023
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