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Hawaii Halloween Costume Contest
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written by Rodrigo Diniz

on March 23, 2022

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year. It’s a time when adults get to have fun and dress up in wacky costumes like they children again. It’s also a great time for social gatherings and festivities.

This October there are numerous events being held in the spirit of Halloween such as the annual zombie bar crawl and Hallowbaloo in China Town and Haunted Wonderland in Kapolei. All events encourage people to dress in their scariest costumes to celebrate the holiday with local music, art, and food.

North Shore Tacos thought it would be fun to hold a contest for best costume. The winner will receive a $50 gift certification that can be used at any North Shore Taco location. The rules are simple: the costume must be inspired by Mexican food or Baja California culture. To enter the contest, you will need to take a photo of you in costume and upload it to Instagram with the hashtag #northshoretacos. The contest begins October 22nd and will end on November 5th. Anyone intending to participate in the upcoming Haunted Wonderland on November 3rd is welcome to join the fun. The winner will be decided based on creativity, quality, and effort and will be announced November 10th on the North Shore Tacos Instagram account.

If you’re in need of some ideas for costumes, you can check out our blog 'The Baja Lifestyle in Hawaii' to learn more about what we will be looking for. You can also google, Baja California costumes, and use the images tab for more ideas. Although, try to create your own costume rather than copy a specific image, it will be more fun that way. But if arts and crafts are not your thing, then Amazon may be your best option.

A great costume idea would be the very popular, Sugar Skulls. Sugar skulls originated from the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, so they definitely count as Baja related. If you’re a great makeup artist or just wanted to try your hand at making a sugar skull than send us your photos! Winning a gift certification for some delicious food is a great reward for the time and effort put into making a sugar skull.

PRO TIP: Sephora often gives out free samples of makeup including foundation. If you need a good foundation base, but don’t want to shell out $30 or more for a bottle, you can ask for a sample instead.

Overall the main idea is to have fun and enjoy the holiday. Halloween is very popular out here in Hawai’i. Waikiki and China Town will be buzzing with hundreds of people celebrating and dressed in all kinds of attire. For tourists, Waikiki is quite the spectacle packed with thousands of people roaming up and down the streets of Kalakaua and Kuhio Avenue. Many people go above and beyond with their costumes and even act accordingly to further fit the part, which is fun to watch. From life sized marionettes to transformers, some of the costumes are awe inspiring. As everyone is there to admire costumes, most people are more than willing to take photos for Instagram and Snapchat.

Chinatown will be holding the 11th annual Hallowbaloo on October 27th, which will be a scare inspired music and arts festival. Numerous bars and clubs will be participating, including local favorites Bar 35 and Manifest. There be several DJs and even a performance by Ja Rule. For all lovers of beer, there will also be a crafts beer festival featuring homemade ales and lagers by local breweries. If you’ve never been to the Waikiki Brewing Company or Honolulu Beer Works you should consider checking this event out. Hallowbaloo is always a lot of fun and definitely worth not missing. It’s also a great time to put on your best sugar skull and enter the North Shore Tacos contest.

Another highly anticipated event is the upcoming Haunted Wonderland. Haunted Wonderland is a large open music festival held in Kapolei featuring a variety of DJs. Typically held outside, Wonderland is a night of partying and great music. Many people whom regularly attend, mention that the atmosphere is very welcoming and up-lifting. They also mention that everyone is very nice and friendly and it is typical to meet lots of new friends at these events. The Haunted Wonderland is of course even further fun, as everyone dresses up in costumes or Halloween inspired clothing while head banging to their favorite DJs. A crowd of vampires, skeletons, and zombies all in one open field dancing to epic EDM music is certainly a memory that will stay with you. If you’re planning on attending the event, make sure to take a picture of your Baja or Mexican themed costume and tag #northshoretacos to win our contest.

As previously mentioned, all entries will be accepted until November 5th and a winner will be decided upon by November 10th. The winner will be contacted via direct message on Instagram so that they can receive their $50 gift certificate. Remember that creativity and quality is what we’ll be looking for, but, we also would like for you to just have fun with it and enjoy yourself this Halloween. Good luck and mostly importantly, have fun!

best fish tacos honolulu north shore oahu

best fish tacos honolulu north shore in oahu